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from Maracaibo to Jabi, with love 

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Marjabi unique designs


I’ve always lived near water.  Whether the largest lake in South America or one of Europe’s mightiest rivers, the waterways that formed part of my home always had something special about them.  They drew people to them.

The Vereda del Lago in my childhood home of Maracaibo was always packed on the weekends with parties, cyclists, fitness classes, and runners.  The oil tankers glided effortlessly by on their way to the sinewy outline of the Puente Rafael Urdeneta on the horizon. As my family grew, so did my travels, to the banks of the Potomac in Washington, DC or the shores of the Dnieper in Ukraine.  

In Nigeria, my family and I would spend Friday nights at a horse farm near Jabi Lake for food, fellowship, and the large expanse of the property that allowed my two young boys to release the energy saved up during a week at school.  In Abuja, my friend Adamu introduced me to the world of bead making, and I spent many afternoons crafting necklaces with good friends.  The colors and patterns fascinated me, and I knew I wanted to share them with the world.

Marjabi was born out of my journey from the past to the present.  As water draws people together, I hope you too find yourself drawn to the unique designs of this collection.  Each piece has its own story, and I hope you find one to continue its journey.


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